Triangle. Luxury is the brainchild of the owners of Smiling House Luxury, a property management company specialising in renting luxury vacation rentals worldwide. With over 9000 rentals worldwide and 10 years of experience, Smiling House is the leading luxury agency for short-term rentals.

Smiling House facilitated the sale of 6 luxury rentals worth $25M because many guests staying luxury vacation rentals asked us if there was a possibility to buy. This trend helped us understand the need for the Triangle. Luxury solution.

Founded in 2022, Triangle. Luxury is a closed marketplace for real estate investors looking to
acquire worldwide luxury vacation rentals for sale that are managed by professional short-term rental
property managers
. Most of these properties are off-market. The platform lists the proven yield
of each property as well as photos, location and floorplans.

The property manager is at the heart of the sale.


A first-of-its-kind software dedicated to luxury vacation rentals for sale with high yields for short-term rental investors. We make it easier for these investors to browse and purchase high-yielding assets, specifically for the vacation rental industry.