What if you could invest in some of the world’s most desired real estate and… make it generate revenue from Day 1?

New build luxury Chalet in Switzerland, 15% yield based on 135 days of occupancy. 

Triangle Luxury is changing the way people invest in luxury.

Our innovative software is dedicated to those who want to invest in short-term rentals with high yields.

High-net worth individuals invest in luxury short-term rentals on the Triangle Luxury closed platform for these reasons:

    • For leisure purposes: Investors are drawn to the idea of owning a second home for their own use. Not only can they enjoy this in their leisure time, but they can earn an income from it as well as a vacation rental
  • For a reliable investment: This includes both rental income and capital gains – both are almost equally strong.
    • Multi-destination lifestyle search: Enables investors to search for their dream house with fabulous amenities and views while getting multiple worldwide options according to their personal preferences.


    • Yield factor search: Investors can search the platform using the yield factor based on a 90-day rental period in leisure destinations. The rest of the year (255 days) is for the owner to enjoy the property or achieve a higher yield by renting the house even longer.


  • Access to unique & valuable information: Tax benefits, regulations, and financing plans valid for every specific destination.


Register your interest to invest in short-term rentals and we will perform a due diligence check before giving you full access.

Step 2

Use our search filters to locate the short-term rentals that suit you best, based on lifestyle, yield, location and more. 


We facilitate a call with the property manager and any other local expert – tax advisors, lawyers, accountants…


Stay in the property for a night if you wish and finalise the acquisition. The rental is yours!

Our Investors Network

private Investors
Family offices

We have registered private investors, family offices and real estate funds interested in browsing our luxury vacation rentals for sale. After each registration we perform a thorough due diligence. They’re active buyers using our financial tool to inform their decision. They buy internationally and are looking for the local support you can give them.

Property Criteria

Our properties have a sales value of at least €1M. They can be anywhere in the world.

They must have at least 1 year of yield history to show. 

You will also find a percentage of new build properties and properties that have not yet been set up as short-term rentals. These are matched with the best local property managers to calculate a forecasted yield.


How do investors work alongside property managers?

Once an investor shows interest in a particular  property and is seriously considering purchasing it, he sets up a zoom call with the Triangle Team and local experts. Investors get all the extra information needed about the home, the yield, the potential investment, renovation if required and extra benefits that the property may have. Investors can invite advisors or co-investors from their side and specify ahead the topics they would like to discuss.

Triangle Luxury’s local professional advisors will join the call and highlight tax and legal topics.

Next step, Triangle Luxury will organize the viewing of the property. The investor can also request to stay at the property, to experience it as a guest and “get a feel for it” before buying.

Finally the investor will have meetings with local banks and a notary, and of course the property manager. As part of the closing of the deal, the new owner signs a contract with the property manager ensuring that the rental starts generating revenue from Day 1.

What makes Triangle Luxury’s model unique for those wanting to invest in short-term rentals?

First and foremost, on no other platform can investors get in touch directly with the source of income: the property manager. And on no other platform can the property manager securely benefit from a sale of their own inventory.

Our search functionalities have been devised with two types of investors in mind. For lifestyle private investors , there is a search function based on activities and destinations. For family offices & real estate funds there is a financial tool for securing the best investment opportunities. All investors can compare markets, using criteria such as yield, property amenities and the proven track record of bookings. This is unique data not available elsewhere.

Triangle Luxury is also a screening tool, ensuring all players can trust each other. Property managers and investors are put through a thorough due diligence before being granted access. We are also currently building connections with vacation rental property management systems which would allow us to import all past bookings into our platform as an extra due diligence feature.

How do you evaluate properties?

When a property manager is uploading a new home for sale in Triangle Luxury, it is first submitted for approval. The Triangle Luxury team analyses all data including the price, relevancy, and yield before approving it to be live on the platform.

Properties need to have a sales price of at least $1M  although we have made some exceptions for spectacular city apartments. Today the average sales value of our properties is $3M and the average cash-on-cash yield is 15%.

It is important to note that, outside of the US, the price of most luxury properties for sale are hidden and on request only. Thanks to our closed network, investors will have immediate access to the price.

We do accept a number of new build properties and properties which have not yet been operated as vacation rentals. These are matched with local property managers who then prepare a forecasted yield.